Runners must wear their bibs visibly in front and their timing tag on one of their shoes in order to be assured a time in the race. Coaches, please collect the tags from your runners after their races and return them (plus any extra safety pins and twist ties) in the bag you were given at check-in. Unreturned tags will result in a charge of $10 each.


The best method for attching the tag so it won't get lost is to lace it into the shoes as seen in the picture below

image 1


Twist ties can be used instead with the following steps:

step 1: thread the twist ties under your shoe laces

image 1


step 2: put the twist ties ends through the tag holes (snuggly, but not so tight as to break the twist tie)

image 2


step 3: twist the ends of the twist ties together to hold the tag on your shoe

image 3


step 4: flatten the twist ties ends down to keep them from snagging on things

image 4
When removing the twist ties, either untwist them or use scissors or wire cuts to cut the ties. Don't just pull the tag off since this will often break the tag.